Monday, December 3, 2012

The Halls are Decked

We put up our tree and decorations last week, and it really makes it feel like Christmas.  I loved that I could access all of our decorations this year, which made it a lot better than last year when our boxes were buried in the garage.  Ellie was so cute when we were decorating.  She ran all over the basement choosing places for the decorations.  Then she took about half of the things and decorated the playroom. 
 Lynnie loves this light-up ball.
 So fun to have this great mantel to hang our stockings from.  Our letters are for Dad, Mom, Ellie, and Lynlee.  Ellie helped me pick them out last year, and she already knew that D was for Dad, so we bought stockings to go along with that.
 I love buying an ornament or two for the girls each year.  I try to find an ornament that represents something for the year.  I have bought matching ornaments for their birth moms as well.  When they are all grown up, they will get to take the ornaments with them.  

Lynlee has 2 Ls, a dolphin, a Baby's First Christmas teddy bear, and a dog.  Lynnie's new ornament this year was the dog, since she loves all things dog related right now.
 Ellie has an E, 3 turtles, a JOY baby's first Christmas, and a gymnastics ornament.  She picked out the gymnastics one herself for this year.

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