Thursday, July 25, 2013


Amy talked our mom into letting her paint the walls.  She got samples and gave my mom final veto power on the color.

And then everything was ready to begin!  The girls and I were excited to go and help.

 The girls probably painted with us for about an hour, until Lynlee needed some "nilk."  Ellie was kind enough to offer to feed her.

They are such good friends!
 Then they played while Amy and I finished up the ceiling.  Amy did all of the cutting in and I got it all rolled out.  I got enough triple coverage that we did the ceiling in one coat.
 Ellie and Lynlee (but mostly Ellie) painted the whole bottom part of this wall.  It sure was fun!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rocket Ship

We always love to spend time with Aunt Amy when she is here on a visit.  She has been here more than normal this summer, as she finished her teaching contract in Shanghai and is getting ready to move to Oman.

On Tuesday, we went to visit Mom and Amy.  Mom had surgery on her eye, so she was home recuperating.  Ellie and Amy spent a couple of hours making and decorating a rocket ship.

 No rocket ship is complete without names.  Ellie knows how to write her name and Lynlee's name.
 Grandma and Lynlee enjoyed some stories together.
 Amy freaked the girls out by writing on the floor.
 No trip to Grandma's house is complete without playing on the slide.

 Ellie and Amy even found some "astronaut" clothes.
 They tried, but they didn't really fit that well together...

Monday, July 22, 2013


"Mom, can you put these on?"

"Where are you going?"

"Um, to my friend's house."

"Where does your friend live?"

"In California."

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Helpful. And a Fun Weekend.

Ellie is really a good helper.  She has taken over setting the table for dinner and gets so excited to do it.

We had a full and fun weekend, and I didn't take a single picture of the parties.  Friday night we had Russ, Elizabeth, Davis, and Callie over for dinner, as kind of a joint birthday celebration for Greg and Elizabeth.  Our friend Taylor came over and ate dinner with us, and then played with Ellie and Davis in the basement while the adults talked and played games.  (Callie went to sleep in the baby's room and Lynnie eventually went to sleep in her room.)  Taylor was such a fantastic babysitter that before we knew it, it was 10:30.  By the time we said good-bye to everyone and got Ellie to bed, it was pretty late.

On Saturday, the girls were happy but pretty tired, and we knew we needed to get them to nap.  A strategically timed trip to Costco did the trick.  Lynnie surprised us all by falling asleep in the shopping cart.  I quickly snapped a picture while she was nodding off, and then Greg carried her the rest of the time.  And Ellie fell asleep in the car on the way home.

After the girls woke up, Greg took them to play at Hailey's house and then we hosted a Bishopric Reunion birthday dinner at our house.  The Morrows and Squires came and we had an awesome time.  We laughed so hard! Julie and Merrill are hilarious.

A great weekend, and a great birthday week!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Greg's Birthday Celebrations

I had choir practice and Greg had appointments on his birthday, so we did our traditional dinner out on Tuesday night.  We met Greg at Texas Roadhouse and had a nice dinner.  Both girls tried fried pickles & peanuts, and Ellie ate 2 rolls + steak.  Lynnie does better at being more balanced and had carrots, broccoli, corn, and macaroni and cheese.

Greg got to sit on the saddle while the staff sang to him.  It really freaked Ellie out and she cried.  So sad!

 Putting the girls to bed is always fun, and since it was Daddy's birthday we snuggled in his bed instead of in the girls' bed.  They tried to pretend to be asleep for the picture.

On Wednesday we had fun decorating for Daddy and making him a cake and a special dinner.
 We wrote a bunch of notes of things we love about Daddy, and Ellie & Hope hid them all over the house.  It was fun to watch the girls' excitement as they helped Greg find the notes. 

 After dinner it was time for presents and cake.  A wonderful birthday!

The Birthday Boy--41 years old today

Monday, July 15, 2013

Happiness Is...

...getting Tangled in the mail after we left it at Aunt Jonette's house.
 ...wearing a giraffe mask at Kindermusik for the carnival day.
...getting to put on "exercise clothes" and then doing jumping jacks with Lambie. 
...marching in a marching band at Kindermusik.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Family Dinner

Highlights from the Monthly Family Dinner at Grandma Camp's house:

Ellie:  "Mom, look, there's my favorite grandma!  I'm really glad she didn't die."
 Watching the girls play with Gwen.  And watching Ellie demonstrate how often she changes her clothes.  We came in dance outfits, she put on her pajamas, and then changed back into her dance outfit.
Listening to Ellie put on a show after dinner.  She took pictures and then stood by the couch and narrated a complete story.  If someone at the table stopped listening or whispered, Ellie would stop, put a hand on her hip, and say, "Guys, you really need to pay attention.  I can't go on until you are watching me."

She told us the picture of the little figurine was Jesus and He wanted to stop the dragon.  I told her that maybe she should take a picture of an actual Jesus if she wanted Him in the story. 
 So she took a picture of Grandma's picture and continued with her story.
 Lynnie loves Grandma's rocking chair!

For the first time, Lynnie climbed up all by herself, and came down all by herself.  She was so proud of herself and did it over and over and over again.
 A great night at Grandma's house!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ward Party

We were excited to go to the ward party in the Miller's backyard.  We were gone last Sunday, but my visiting teachers told me the scoop was to bring your own chairs.  So Greg carried 4 camp chairs, I carried treats, and we happily walked down to the party.
 When we got to the party, there were plenty of tables and chairs set up, and we didn't even pull our chairs out.  Oh well.  Greg built up some muscle on that walk!

We spent an enjoyable hour chatting, eating, and helping the girls play on the swings and the bounce house.

Then it got windy.  Like, really windy.  Thick, black clouds started rolling in and I told Greg we needed to get home fast.  We grabbed our chairs and our platter and walked home as quickly as we could.  It was quite an adventure, walking uphill into the wind. 

Lynnie walked really well, even though we were hurrying, until she tripped and fell down in front of the Tanner's old house.  I took over two chairs and Daddy carried Lynnie the rest of the way.

I felt bad abandoning the party, and even worse when the rain started when we were in front of the Hendrix's house, and really started coming in earnest right after we walked in the garage.  It was quite a storm!  Our poor friends who were still at the Miller's house...


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