Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

We threw an impromptu party for New Year's Eve, and were glad that my mom and Amy, Tammy, and Tanya, David, Andrew & Emily came over.  We ate food, and watched football, and played Hand & Foot. 

These 3 are hilarious together!

When the night was getting late and I realized I hadn't really taken any pictures, I turned my phone over to Andrew.  Here is what he got:

It's nice to have a relaxing evening at home, surrounded by family.

Especially when you can capture classic expressions like these ones -- totally representative of Tanya & Tammy!

Poor Tammy had kind of a rough night.  First, she got semi-tricked into giving baths to all the kids.  She offered to give Lynnie a bath, and then Emily wanted a bath, and then Ellie wanted a bath.  It was funny.  Then she could not catch a break at Hand & Foot, and kept on getting stuck with red 3's.  4 of them one time.  (That's negative 2000 points!).

The teams are Amy & Tammy, David & Arlena, and Tanya with Greg and I (we rotated in and out).  Even though I only played one round, it was awesome to smoke everyone!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Virgil's Baby Blessing

Rod and Jayme invited the family to our house to meet Baby V, and for Rod to give him a name & a blessing.

Ellie was ecstatic to meet her new cousin and to get to hold him.

After the blessing, we ate a lot of food and got in a lot of conversation.  Ellie and Jasmine changed outfits at least four times each.

Tammy got in a lot of Lynnie-loves.

Everyone wanted to hold Virgil.  He is a really good baby.

Uncle David played with Lynnie and Puppy for a long time.  Puppy kept on sniffing Uncle David and then laughing.

Kyralyn is nice and plays really well with Jazzy and Ellie.  The little girls adore her!

After everyone left, we read the Elephant & Piggie books that Aunt Jonette has given us.  We love these books!  They are really clever and cute.

Sunday, December 29, 2013


We had dinner tonight with some of our most favorite people in the world:  Tayler and her family, and {R}.  I usually don't tell Ellie we are seeing Tayler until the last possible minute, because she gets very excited.  But she knew for a whole week this time, because we had pushed it back at the last minute last Sunday.

As soon as we got home from church, Ellie kept on opening the door and looking for Tayler, and looking out the window, even though I told her we had a few hours to go.  She just had to check!

It was fun to introduce {R} to Tayler and spend the evening with everyone.  I cannot imagine our family without our girls and their birth moms in it.  Adoption is so amazing and has brought so many wonderful people into our lives and into our hearts.

After a relaxing dinner, we headed downstairs to open Christmas presents.  Tayler, Josh, and Piper brought an enormous present, and the girls were so excited to open it!

 Ellie wrapped all of the presents for Tayler, Josh, and Piper by herself.  And she wrote all of the labels.

 I love this sweetheart!  She is my pal, and I love to carry her and play with her.  She is so light compared to Lynnie!

I put together a book with pictures of Ellie's art from the fall for Tayler's present. 

Ellie is always glued to Tayler--and I love it!  I love to watch them together and see the love they have for each other.  It is so sweet.

 Ellie loved catching Piper on the slide.  Piper didn't love it quite as much.


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