Thursday, December 25, 2014


The girls have not figured out yet how to wake up early for Christmas morning.  We get up at our normal time, which is awesome for all of us!  I snuck downstairs and got some pictures of all of the lovely presents and then went back upstairs to get the whole family.

We changed into our new Christmas pajamas and tried for a picture on the stairs.

Then it was time to go downstairs and explore the gifts from Santa Claus and open our gifts to each other.

I gave myself a rule a few years ago to have three presents each for the girls from Greg and I.  I actually stuck to that rule this year (for the first time), but it was still too much by the time you add in the girls' gifts to each other and gifts from grandparents, birth parents, aunts and uncles.  Greg and I decided that next year that we will do three presents from Santa and Mom & Dad combined.

Greg was confused at what his gift was!

To Mom:  I will help you cook lunch and dinner.

Cece's favorite things was the box with the bows.

Another thing I love about the girls and how they open presents is that they really take the time to soak in each present before moving on.  When we opened their books, we read a couple of stories.

These new earrings were a better idea than they were in execution.  We had to put them up because they would not stay on their ears and Cece was better at finding the dropped ones than we were.

Trying to get a picture by the tree was an adventure.  I love how their personalities are shining through each attempt.

We loved FaceTiming with the crowd in Montana -- Uncle Kyle, Aunt Jonette, Kylene, Kiera, Kaysen, Aunt Tammy, Uncle Daniel, Grandma and Grandpa.

After playing for a while, we all realized we were hungry and we headed upstairs to eat some breakfast.  For the first time, I gave Cece a banana without using her silicone feeder.  She loved it -- and she loved smearing it everywhere.

Ellie was still pretty sick and she fell asleep on the couch while Greg and I were making pancakes.

After breakfast and Cece's bath, I realized I had not taken any pictures with my phone yet that I could text to our birth parents, so we snapped a couple and sent off some love.

It was pretty exciting that we woke up to snow, and Lynnie was Daddy's special helper outside.

Greg and Lynnie had a great time building a snowman.

After Ellie's nap, she felt well enough to try out her new bike.  There is a sticker on it that says "always wear helmet" and Ellie likes to follow directions.

Downward Dog is always a fun trick.


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