Saturday, May 31, 2014

Walk With Angels

After Ellie, Lynnie, and I went to the Walk With Angels event last year, Jon got mad at me for not telling him about it.  So....this time I made sure to forward him the email I got announcing that Rachel Coleman from Signing Time was coming again.  I also invited Grandma, and we were all excited to go.

I was extra glad that Jon came, because he became the pack horse and carried the chairs from the elementary school parking lot over to the park.

Grandma, Lynnie, Cece and I waited in line for snow cones and cotton candy, and Jon took Gwen and Ellie to the bouncy houses.  We caught up to them just in time to see the girls climbing up the ladder.

We had a quick break to eat some treats.

Cece was so good, just hanging out in the stroller while we wandered around.

Lynnie wanted a turn in the car seat while I fed Cece her lunch. 

We had seen some princesses but did not take any pictures with them.  Until Ellie spotted Anna!

We skipped the walk part of the Walk with Angels, and played on the swings instead.

  We did have a great view of Rachel heading up the walk as she went past us.

 We knew we wanted to be in the shade for the concert, but were setting up our chairs a couple of hours early to stake out a spot.  Jon did excellent judging where the sun would be and then extrapolating where the shade would be.  We were shaded and loving it for the concert.

When I was feeding Cece her lunch, Grandma and Ellie put our raffle ticket in the Sweet Tooth Fairy jar.  And I won!

 I think I enjoyed the concert more than the big girls did.  They were pretty grumpy, actually.  I don't know if it was the heat or the fact that their balloons kept blowing away or too much sugar, but we had some rough patches.

A highlight for Ellie was that she was picked to be 'purple' in the Colors of the Rainbow song.  She did great!  She ran right up and signed the whole song.


We are anti-play tattoos around here (because they are impossible to take off), and Ellie was not very happy that her prize for participating was a Baby Signing Time tattoo...

Walking back to our seats, we found Snow White.

Lynnie's balloon got ripped out of Jon's hand by the wind and was stuck in this tree for quite a while.

Cece fell asleep about halfway through the concert, and slept great with her blanket as a windbreak.

Ellie ran front and center hoping to catch a Hopkins toy.  She didn't get one and was really grumpy about that.

Lynnie was the queen of grumpy faces throughout the concert.  "But I just really want my balloon!"

Jon took the girls over for new balloons and they temporarily cheered up.  Until Ellie lost another one when it got tangled up in Gwen's balloon.  It just popped off her string.

We got really excited when we found Elsa!  Even though Ellie was very confused that Elsa had white hair instead of blonde hair.

And even more excited to follow Elsa as she was looking for Anna.

I can see this being an annual event for us.  It was a great day!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cornstarch Slime and The Farm

I got the idea to make cornstarch slime from my sister-in-law's blog, and it was a big hit with Ellie and me.  It is just cornstarch and water with food coloring in it. 

Seriously, it was the coolest thing--is it a solid?  is it a liquid?  You can squish it together and as long as you are manipulating it, it will maintain a shape.  The second you stop squishing, it liquefies and runs out of your hands.

Lynnie was not interested in touching the slime with her hands.  She preferred to stir with a spoon.

Until I told her she could eat it, and then she had no problem touching it.  She told me it tasted like flour.

In the afternoon, we picked up Ellie's friend Hannah and headed to The Farm at Thanksgiving Point.  Nick got a job there (seriously, his dream job!) and he told us he was going to be running the pony ride today.

We had really good timing and were there with hardly any other children.  Nick let the ponies just go and go and go.  When he would stop it, the girls would run back in line (usually behind 1 or 2 new children) and get right back on.  Lynnie called it quits after 3 consecutive rides.  Ellie and Hannah rode 6 times.  For about 45 minutes.

It pays to have connections!

Elvis was Ellie's favorite horse.

Cosmo was Hannah's favorite -- it was so big compared to the others.

Lynnie preferred Chief.
Cece preferred to nap in the shade.
Nick let Lynlee flip the switch twice to turn off the ride.

We continued to have good timing after the pony ride, and were able to walk right on to the carriage ride.  We shared the carriage with another mom and her two daughters.

Then we fed the ducks & geese.

And then we walked up the hill to get 25 cent ice cream cones.  Ellie ordered for all of us and was pretty proud of herself.  It was a great afternoon!


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