Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Well Child Check

Cece had her 6 month well child check today and everything is looking good!

Weight:  15 pounds 12 ounces ~ 40th percentile
Head Circumference: 43.7 centimeters ~ 86th percentile
Height: 27.5 inches ~ 95th percentile

After Dr Vargo came in and went over Cece's growth chart with us, she said that she thought Cece had been enthusiastically measured for height because it was such a jump up from last time.  Greg and I remeasured her and she was 26 inches, which is 48th percentile.  That seems much more in line with where Cece has been.

The next few pictures are by Ellie.  Cece has such beautiful skin!

Ellie was trying to get Lynnie to stop making funny faces.  When Lynnie wouldn't stop quickly enough, Ellie moved the phone so she wasn't in the picture...

Not quite sure how she made this happen.

These beautiful girls!

Ellie said, "now it's my turn to hold Cece!" and Lynnie took a turn being the photographer.

She totally rocks the selfie.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Court Date

This morning was the start of a week of celebrations for our family.  We went to court to have Cecilia's adoption finalized.  Mom, Bobi, Lyssa, Amy, and Elizabeth came to support us.  We were glad they were hanging out with us, especially since we had 45 minutes extra to wait, since we started late.

I was excited to dress Cece in her cheetah dress, since it was a present from {R}.

We were the second family from the American Fork office to be assigned our judge.  When he met with the family before us, he asked for additional documents and paperwork that no judge has ever asked for before (in hundreds of adoptions completed through our agency).  Their finalization was delayed a few days as they got the paperwork gathered and submitted and they had to postpone their sealing.  Luckily for us, our fabulous case worker Adrienne knew what paperwork he would ask for, and we got it together ahead of time.  Everything went smoothly.

Cece slept for about half of the time in the courtroom before waking up and being her normal, happy, bouncy self.

The judge was very kind and gracious, and came out for pictures with our family to mark this day.

Court is important, and I am glad that everything is legal now.  But I don't feel any different about Cece or her role in our family.  Court is almost anti-climatic...

Sunday, July 27, 2014


I got out of the shower to see that Lynnie had built this amazing tower of books.  That was some good engineering!

After she asked me to take a picture, she voluntarily put the books away.

Breakthrough, people, breakthrough!

Ellie is a good big sister and she likes to hold Cece on her lap.  Most of the time Cece likes it.

Lynnie's Sunbeam teachers are incredible, and incredibly crafty.  She is always coming home with elaborate things they have made, like laminated file folder games, or lavender scented bath salts, or modpodged coats of many colors.  Today takes the cake, though, with this temple.

After church we went to my mom's house for our monthly family dinner.  We had put it off for a couple of weeks until we were back from Philmont, Amy was back in town, and -- perhaps most importantly -- Sarah was here for summer visitation.  We had to take a cousin photograph.  We are missing Elder Taylor and Amber & Travis (who stayed in Illinois this summer).  I love the age discrepancy in our cousins.  So fun for our girls to have these good role models in their lives.  Plus, Lyssa and Sarah can always be counted on to play with them in the basement!
Ellie (almost 5), Cece (6 months), Lyssa (17), Lynnie (3), Gwen (4), Sarah (13)

Ellie is such a ham.

We tried to recreate Sarah's grumpy expression from the 2010 photo shoot.  Sometimes it is hard to be 9.

Of course, Lyssa had to pretend to be grumpy, too.

And sad, apparently...

Greg got Cece to take a little catnap while the adults were talking after dinner.

When she woke up, Uncle Brian had to have a turn holding this beautiful baby.

When we got in the car to go home, Lynnie wanted to buckle herself, all by herself, for the first time.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Swimming Lessons

My friend Tiff first told me about the Jan Lamb Swim School, but we didn't get in last year.  This year I didn't even try, until I got a follow-up email saying they still had a few spots left.  This was the only week in our summer that would have worked, and we got right in.  I was a little apprehensive about going at 9 a.m., but now I would not trade it!  We were the first session of the day, and the parking is tricky.  Being first, we never had a problem getting in, just problems getting out!

Lessons are held at a beautiful house and property close to the Lehi Cemetery.  You drive down a windy, narrow driveway, to a house down in the ravine.  

Lining up to listen to the instructions.  Ellie was ready to go, and Lynnie was hanging back, observing.

She was a little nervous.  And she didn't like the wet grass on her feet.  She said it felt slimy.

The first skill they practiced was making ice cream scoops with their hands (for freestyle).

Then it was monkey-airplane-soldier arms (for breaststroke).

Lynnie was not a fan of all the splashing caused by kicking in the water.  Nice sister Ellie tried to shield her eyes.  Sweetest thing ever!

All week I was impressed with the teachers, and the kind way they included Lynnie in what was going on.  She never warmed up to swimming, but they always helped her in a firm and gentle way.

Ellie was in heaven!  She could not learn things fast enough.  I was very proud of how respectful she was and how she listened to her teachers.  

Lynnie did a little better when she had the belt on.

Sweet Ellie looked out for Lynnie all week.  It's a good and a bad thing--Ellie takes care of sister, but she also talks for her and sometimes helps Lu get away with things.

. : blowing bubbles and swimming through the hoop : .

The teacher helped Lynnie get out of the pool, and then Lynnie just stayed put.  It was like she was trying to stay still so she wouldn't have to do the next thing.  It didn't work, though.  The teachers helped her jump in the pool.

After our first day of swimming lessons, we met my friend Katelyn at The Beach.  It was so fun to meet her sister Lynley!  Ellie loved all of the name similarities: Katelyn and Eliana Caitlin; Lynley and Lynlee.   After Katelyn put some pictures on Facebook and tagged Lynley and myself, my friend Alison from Texas called.  Lynley just moved back to Utah from Texas, and Alison had been her visiting teacher.  What a small world!

Day 2 of swimming lessons, and we got there early enough that the girls played on the play set for a few minutes.

Cece is such a charmer!

I love this funny face she makes.  She does it all of the time, and it is my favorite.

. : protecting sister again : .

Greg came with us every day--another reason to love having the first lessons so he could do that.  It was so fun to sit by each other and talk for an hour while we watched the big girls swim.  And he was invaluable in helping get all of us and all of our stuff down to the pool.

The last day was Water Safety Day, so we brought our life jackets to practice with.  The bigger classes got to tread water with their clothes on.

Ellie loved jumping in the pool.  She told Jan to move back farther so she could jump farther.

I was amazed at how much Ellie learned in 4 classes.  She can successfully put her face in, turn to the side and breather, and put her face back in the water.  She can kick and tries hard to do her ice cream scoop arms.  She can maneuver for a few yards before she stands up.  Plus she is fearless when it comes to jumping in from the side or the diving board, and she loved going down the slide.

Notice that Lynnie was inching her way out of line.  Again, she was hoping that no one would notice.

. : attempting to dive through the hoop : .

Jan noticed that Lynnie was wandering away.  She gently pulled her in the pool and let her go all the way under the water (first time all week).  Lynnie didn't really appreciate that and freaked out.  I appreciated that she had the experience.

We are already looking forward to next summer!


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