Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 21-27

Greg attended all three sessions of the Ogden Temple rededication, and thanks to Tammy's offer to watch the girls, I attended the middle session.  The girls love being at Grandpa and Grandma's house.  We had a potluck dinner afterwards, and I got Cece to conk out for a little nap.  She loves to hold her blankies when she sleeps.

We look forward to Mondays!  Piper and Lynnie are in the same Kindermusik class again, and we love hanging out afterwards.  The timing works out perfectly.  We drop L & P off to class, and there is just enough time to pick up Ellie from Kindergarten and get back for the sharing portion of Kindermusik.  This day, Tayler and Hudson hopped in my car with me and we all went together to pick up Ellie.  Tayler went to get her out of the line-up.  It was pretty cute to see the look on Ellie's face when she saw Tayler.  She grinned from ear to ear, and ran over, almost attacking Tayler in her rush to give hugs.

Ellie loves to tell people how she is just like Tayler, because they are both the oldest in their families.  Ellie takes being the big sister to Lynnie and Cece, and the big sister to Piper and Hudson, very seriously!

Ellie's toe has still really been bothering her, and she is favoring it when she walks.  We decided it was probably time to get it checked out.  I took the girls to the doctor, and she said it was probably fine, but we should get it x-rayed.  I called Greg and he met us at the hospital for the procedure.

I was really glad Greg could come, because only I could go in with Ellie.  Otherwise, she would have had to go in by herself.  She just looked so little on that giant table.

The x-ray technician said that everything looked good to her, but we needed to hear from the doctor to be sure.  

Ellie and Lynnie were going to go with Greg back to his office to get his computer and things, but while we were getting car seats situated, Greg got a phone call.  We happily played on this patch of grass for a few minutes while we waited for him to finish.

At violin lessons on Monday, Grandma said that Ellie is officially graduated from her box violin, and will use the wood violin exclusively.  We went straight from lessons to the doctor to the hospital to Daddy's office to bed, so we had our box violin unwrapping Tuesday morning.  Ellie was sad to say good-bye to her "friend" but happy to eat a fruit roll-up from the box.

Lynnie likes to hang out with us, no matter what we are doing.

Thursday morning, I had a dentist appointment.  I thought I had it scheduled just right to be able to take Cece with me and still pick up Ellie on time.  But then I got worried.  Greg just told me to bring Cece to him (his office is close to the dentist) and he could go pick up Ellie if necessary.  I walked in with Cece, and Tammy totally stole her and played with her the whole time.  And I was about 5 minutes too late with my appointment, and Greg did get Ellie.  It all worked out!

. : carrots and puffs for dinner : .

Friday was Ellie's school carnival.  I had volunteered to help decorate the booth for Mrs. Holmgren's class, and so we headed over on Friday afternoon to do that.  Ellie proudly showed me her self-portrait on display outside her classroom.

After decorating, we went back home, ate some dinner, met daddy, and headed back to the school.  First up was the plunger races.

Next was the dunk tank, and guess who was sitting there?  Mrs. Holmgren!  Ellie was so excited she was jumping up and down.  Her first throw missed the mark, so the helper had her move a little closer.

Her second throw was right on, and she dunked Mrs. Holmgren!  How many people can say they have dunked their teacher?  It was a pretty awesome moment.

. : milking the cow : .

This was our booth.  Pyper's mom made the sign and we bought the rest of the decorations (because that's as creative as I can be).

Lynnie liked throwing from this distance.  They got to practice a lot as we were setting up, and all of that practice paid off.

Cecilia is such a big girl!  She just loves to chill in the stroller.  She was pretty cute drinking her milk with her feet propped up.

It's always fun to find friends.  I was excited to meet a lot of Ellie's friends from her class and their parents.

Getting their hair painted was a highlight of the night.

On Saturday, we decided to go to a movie.  We picked A Dolphin Tale 2, because Lynnie loves dolphins.  We brought Cece with us, and it was her first movie.  When we walked in, we were excited to see Tiff and her daughters there.  I got Cece to take a nap for about half of the movie, and she was pretty good the rest of the time.  The movie was a little slow for us, and Lynnie kept on asking when it would be over. Daddy was nice and went to get the car for us, since it was pouring rain outside.

 My favorite part of the movie was when the two dolphins were put in the same tank and became friends.  Ellie looked at me, made a heart with her hands, and said, "that just makes my heart so happy!"

And then her heart broke...

Saturday night, my cousin Jen and her daughter Abby came to spend the night.  She timed her coming to be after the Women's Broadcast, so they got here around 9 p.m.  Ellie and Abby instantly ran off to play.  They had so much fun together!  We need to see them more often :)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cecilia is 8 Months Old

After a few pictures, I took some on my cell phone and Ellie took over the camera.

And, we're done!

At 8 months old, Cecilia

~ wears 6-9 month clothes, size 2 diapers, size 2 shoes
~ drinks 4 ounce bottles, loves Baby Mum Mum crackers, bananas, cantaloupe, watermelon, and avocados.  Not a big fan of other foods yet.
~ sleeps 13 hours a night, usually waking up once or twice to drink milk.  Is pretty flexible during the day.  Will take a 2 hour nap if we are home, or a bunch of cat naps during the day in her car seat if we are out and about.  She is such a happy girl!
~ rolls and scoots all over, especially in her crib.  She will partly wake up and get mad in the middle of the night, when she rolls into the side of the crib.  Often I go in to get her, only to find her still asleep, but pushing against the edge, trying to keep rolling.
~ loves her muslin blankets when she sleeps.  When she is laid in her crib, she will grab her blanket, hold it to her face, and roll onto her right side.  It's so cute.
~ has an infectious giggle.  She will giggle most easily for Ellie.
~ loves to have her belly mugged on (that gets a big laugh) but most definitely does not like being thrown up in the air.
~ is an amazing little person.  Her personality is starting to unfold, and I cannot wait to see what develops.  I am grateful every day that I am able to be a part of her life.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Week in Review

Our week started off with dinner at my mom's house.  Because of Stake Conference, Greg had a little wiggle room in his schedule.  He arranged a 2 hour break in the middle of the afternoon (because Bobi and Lyssa needed to meet between 3:30-5) and he was able to go with us this time.  This picture to me typifies our time together right now--the dads entertaining each other and the girls; Lyssa snuggling her dad on the couch while checking her phone; Ellie playing with Lyssa's hand-me-down doll set; Lynnie rocking in the chair that Grandma rocked in as a little girl; Cece loving on her daddy.

Cece is smack in the middle of the "mom is best" stage, and she is not a fan of people in general.  Grandma is one of the chosen ones, and Cece is always be happy sitting with her.

It must be really boring to pick up Ellie from Kindergarten.  Cece falls asleep pretty much every single time we go!  Or maybe, it's just the perfect time for her morning nap.  Can you get over how perfect her little face is?  Those cheeks, and those lips!

Cece is a dream at violin lessons.  She loves to play with this Dora toy.  It is her favorite.

The big girls take turns having their lesson and playing in the play room.  I overheard Lynnie say, "C'mon, Tovin, climb up here!  Let's go!"

Greg got the hot tub emptied, cleaned out, and refilled last Saturday.  The big girls have missed their hot tub swimming time, and were ecstatic to get in for our Family Home Evening activity.

Ellie loves to practice holding her breath and swimming.

Lynnie is such an adorable tease!  She would not look at me to take a picture.  

Cece and I opted to watch for a while, and then went back inside to play. I was impressed that these pictures turned out so beautifully, considering I just blindly pointed the camera at Cece's face, trying to stretch my arm as far away as possible...

Greg and Ellie had a contest to see who could stay under the water the longest.  Ellie was very impressed at how long Daddy could go.

. : totally zebrafied : .

I love watching this darling girl figure things out!  We were playing in the basement, and she put the turtle shell on her head.  It fit perfectly.

On Thursday, Cece had her first sound booth experience.  The girls and I headed to Orem Elementary School, where there is a section dedicated to the Utah School for the Deaf.  We met with two audiologists, who gave Cece a bunch of tests.  Ellie and Lynnie were amazing and played very well in the waiting area while Cece and I met with the doctors.

For the sound booth test, Cece and I went in the booth with one audiologist, while another one was outside of the window, controlling the sounds.  When sounds came through the speakers, they wanted Cece to look at the speakers, and when she did, lights would flash and a Donald Duck figurine would dance.

It was an interesting experience.  Cece got a fair-poor rating.  The audiologists said that the test still doesn't tell us much, because even babies who can hear have to learn to look at the speakers and will usually get a fair rating at this age.  I kept on thinking that I felt a lot like one of Pavlov's dogs...

It does seem like Cece hears us a lot.  And definitely more than she used to.  It is hard to tell if she doesn't respond sometimes because she doesn't hear the sound, or if it is because she is 7 months old and doesn't want to respond.  We will keep monitoring and see how things go.

I did realize that even though Cece signs "milk" and "more," I have not been diligent in teaching her more signs or in watching our fabulous Baby Signing Time DVDs.  Friday morning, I put Cece in her nest and popped in the first BST disc while I took a shower.  Cece was fascinated, dancing to the music and waving her arms around.

Ellie loves to help Lynnie in dance class.  She tried to physically put Lynnie's feet in 1st position.  It was hard work!

Cece sat in criss-cross applesauce.  That's good balance!

The big girls have been having a hard time lately obeying the first time they are asked to do something.  We decided to have positive reinforcement, and started The Fuzzy Jar.  Every time one of them chooses to obey the first time, they got to put a fuzzy in the jar.  They decided they wanted to use foam stickers as well.  After 3 weeks, they filled up the jar with their good behavior, and it was time to pick a family adventure as a reward.  They decided they wanted to go swimming.

I had to take a picture on the way, and Lynnie started by giving me a very grumpy face.  Silly girl!

Ellie wanted to make sure we could see Cece, so she held up her foot.

I love the new Project Life app for my phone.  It makes me feel like I can really match things--and I can, because you can't really have a bad combination of the design cards.  It's been fun to play around with the app.

We finished up our fun day with a ward party.  Ellie quickly found a bunch of friends to play with, and it was awesome to watch her across the park, just playing hard.  She's in the middle of the line of girls, wearing her blue princess dress.  Lynnie and Cece hung out with Greg and I, and we all had fun talking with our friends and neighbors.


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