Sunday, May 29, 2016

May 19 - 29

Cece is such a big helper!  She likes to carry Lynlee's violin into lessons.

What is better than performing one number in your school's dance festival?  Performing three numbers!  Ellie was so excited to be in the 1st grade dance, spanish classes dance, and 1st grade spanish class dance.

We got there really early to get a good spot for our camping chairs.  We were there early enough that Ellie's class came out for recess.  Lynlee was in heaven getting to play with her big sister!  Cece and I got to chat with Kristi, her ASL playgroup leader, because Kristi's children also attend RA.  It was fun to see her again.

Hannah and Ellie, ready for the Michael Jackson medley.

Ellie is in the middle wearing an orange wrap.

It was overcast and windy and a little chilly.  Perfect weather -- much better than roasting hot!

We celebrated the end of the dance festival by taking Hannah and Mia with us to Artic Circle for some milkshakes.  Fun times!

I took another hour on Saturday morning and got the seeds planted in the garden.  I couldn't find where I had stashed them last week when we put in the starts.  I found them in the storage room (we usually store them in the garage fridge, but it died and I couldn't remember where I had moved them to).  It is amazing to me how these tiny kale seeds grow into humongous plants.

Dr Cordingley is Cece's audiologist, but she was on maternity leave for a while.  While she was gone, we saw Dr Dansie in the Provo office.  But now that Dr Cordingley is back, we were excited to be going to the Mountain Point Medical Center again, about two minutes from our house.  We showed up to our appointment, and our friend Chloe the receptionist said, "why are you here? You don't have appointment today.  Oh, wait {while checking the computer}.  You are supposed to be in Provo.  I can bump your appointment half an hour and you can make it."

So we headed to Provo.  The girls love the Provo office because of the fish tank.

I love this graphic that Dr Cordingley had on her office wall.

Cece has decided that it is more fun to walk at the store than stay in the cart.

Decorating cookies is sure fun...

...and messy!

The last day of 1st grade is here!  Ellie was super sad and cried herself to sleep for the past few nights.  She had the idea to take a little present for each person in her class.  Luckily she had quite the stash of perler beads and was able to make up little packets for everyone.

Did I mention that frosting cookies was messy?  This store bought frosting took forever to wash off and about 5 applications of soap.

Picking up Ellie for the last time this school year.  A bittersweet morning!

There was a big store closing sale at the outlet malls so we went to check it out.  We couldn't find anything, but the girls had fun playing inside the racks.  And we really had fun when we ran in to Ky, Tobyn, and Tobyn's parents!

Lynnie has decided that if she can't have any other kind of pet, at least she can have pet snails.  She has started collecting them and bringing them to the window well on the south side of the house.

She likes snails so much that she even created one on the tangram app.

Greg and I spent a few hours cleaning out all of the weeds on this side of the house.  I helped until I hit the wall and started sneezing uncontrollably.  I made an appointment with Dr Kofford for Monday and got a booster.  I haven't had a booster since 2013, so that is pretty good.  After getting treated for mold and then oak trees & general trees (as a combo), I have been great and back to normal.  Allergy-free normal!

I can't remember who was sick, but we stayed home from church this day.  The girls played Primary for over an hour.  All of their dolls attended and were perfectly reverent.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 11 - 17

Greg belongs to a business networking group called BNI, and he was excited when a handyman joined.  We promptly hired Zach to come and fix the paint on all of our outdoor doors and door frames.  I figured since he was repainting anyway, it was time for a new color.  The girls and I headed to Home Depot and there was a shed there with the perfect sage green color.  We had it color matched and Zach painted the next day.  I love how it turned out!  It brightens up the porch, compared to the burgundy color we have had for 10 years.

Lulu is the best model!

We missed the cold weather crops but were determined to get the rest of the garden in earlier than Memorial Day.  It only took a couple of hours and we had everything purchased, new compost mixed in the beds, and the starts planted.

Elle and Lu loved watering the new starts with MiracleGro.

Lynnie was playing on my phone while I was doing Take Home Library work.  Unbeknownst to me, she took dozens of pictures on our walk from the school library to the van.  She got pictures of everything from the hallway to Ellie's teacher to Cece & I signing out on the computer in the front office.  It was a great surprise when I found the pictures on my camera roll.

One of the cool things about Ellie's charter school is that every parent agrees to volunteer 40 hours during the school year.  Last year I didn't meet that goal, but this year I was determined to make it happen.  Thanks to THL, it has!  This morning I hit 39.9 hours and there are still 2 more Mondays to go.

Waiting for Kanisha to come is hard work when you are 5.  Lynlee was so excited to go with Kanisha to surprise Albert for his birthday.

I love getting emails like this one:

Screenshot of a text I sent {R}:

Lynlee is our biggest snuggler.  She often plays "musical beds" in the middle of the night and ends up in Ellie's bed, our bed, or in her special bed on the floor of the closet.

This is what happens when Mommy has to go potty.  And I didn't even know we had any Oreo cookies...

Greg travels to Chicago four times a year for a conference/training seminar.  He always stays with Uncle Clay, my dad's best friend from when we were growing up.  Greg told the girls that he got to rent a truck this time, and they wanted to see it so he sent us a picture.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

Sometimes I get bogged down in the repetition and minutia of motherhood.  I am glad for the chance to stop, take a breath, and recognize the blessing that it is to have these precious girls call me mother.  

I started feeling ill on Friday afternoon.  I managed to rest until Greg got home, and then I went to bed around 7:00.  I had a wonderful morning with {R} to celebrate Birth Mother's Day on Saturday.  And I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with strep throat.

I elected to have the antibiotic shot, because the doctor said sometimes that gives faster relief.  I was also thinking it would be a time saver over having an oral antibiotic prescription filled somewhere else.

Bad idea.

Really bad idea.

I did not know that I would receive that lovely shot in my hip, or that it would sting so much going in.

I also did not expect to have an allergic reaction, where my whole body broke out into a sweat and I could not breathe.

Let me tell you, when you tell the front desk you are having a reaction to a shot, you get instant help.  I was in the back with my vitals taken faster than you can say "allergic reaction."

After some water and sitting in a room by myself for almost an hour, I was declared safe to drive and could leave.

Note to self:  never elect for an antibiotic shot again.

My hip still hurts (4 days later).

The good thing about having strep throat over Mother's Day weekend is that Greg had cleared his schedule already, so I could relax and sleep.  

Ellie took very good care of me, always bringing me drinks of water.

I received very special and thoughtful cards.

This was Ellie's gift from school.  My favorite:   My super mom is as smart as... a dad.


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