Saturday, June 25, 2016


This is our second year attending the Intermountain Suzuki String Institute (aka Violin Camp) and we loved it.  Monday morning starts with registration and a "play-in" where students play along as everyone arrives.  Ellie was excited that she knows about half of Book 1 now, so she could play more than last year.  That girl in front was clearly not excited about this opportunity...

Every day had a theme that the students could follow with their clothes.  Ellie packed on the purple for Purple Day.

Lynnie caught the dressing up spirit and started picking out her outfits and sleeping in them so she would be all ready.  This is what she picked for Japan Day (wearing red and white).  This is what she looked like at midnight when she had a potty break.

Lynnie's master class was always exciting.

Not really.

But she went every day (except one) and paid attention to Miss Sarah.  Ellie had a class at the same time, so most days I went with Lynnie and Grandma went with Ellie.  The first time we tried to switch, Lynnie threw a big fit and Grandma and Lynnie spent the class in the hallway...

We walked past these beautiful flowers on our way to lunch and Lynnie thought we should take some pictures.

Ellie was not on board.

We had a three hour break in the middle of the day.  Good thing Grandma lives two miles away from where ISSI was held.  We just hung out there and ate lunch, played with Lauren, and practiced our homework.

I found this baby bird in the grass because I almost stepped on it.  It opened its mouth or I would not have seen it.  We checked on it every day, and it was there for three days in a row.

 On t-shirt day, Ellie's repertoire teacher had them sit to play some of their songs.  Ellie thought that was the bomb dot com. Gena's mom sent us this cute picture. This is the only class Ellie and Gena had together. Ellie's favorite new friend was Tommy, sitting next to her.  They had 3 of their 4 classes together.

 On Monday, we browsed the booths set up in the main hallway, and the girls were begging to buy a stuffed animal.  I decided they could earn one each by having superior attitudes and being respectful all week.  (Lynnie lost her doggie after the disastrous class-in-the-hallway-with-grandma but then was able to earn it back again.  I believe in repentance.)

Mr. Oscar was Ellie's favorite teacher.

Lynnie adored Miss Christina and her Music & Movement class.  It's kind of like Kindermusik or LPM, so she was familiar with the format and jumped right into all of the activities.  Here they were being turtles (tortoises) while listening to the Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens.  They had to hide in their shells when the music stopped and crawl slooooowly to a "feeding station" when the music was playing.

Friday afternoon was the big concert for Books 1-3.  Originally, Ellie's repertoire class was told they would only be able to play 2 songs and then they would get cleared off of the stage.  But when they got up there, there were not as many students as expected (maybe?  mom and I were guessing) and her class got to stay all the way through the Twinkles (they start with the Book 3 songs and move backwards).  Tommy and Ellie were excited to play!

Lynnie went back and forth on whether or not she was going to play the Twinkles.  She would not sit next to her friend Jane in the Twinkle row, sitting with grandma and me instead.  About two minutes before the time that the twinklers were called backstage, she decided she wanted to do it.  Grandma jumped on that and walked her back so I could watch Ellie play.  Lynnie did her nervous/grumpy face, but she stood next to Jane and played all of the rhythms!

Cece loved playing with her "nanny" Brinn all week.  But in the middle of the night Friday, she threw up twice.  I almost cancelled and stayed home, but it was hard to think about the girls missing their final classes and the concert.  In the morning, she seemed fine, so I gave Brinn the option to back out.  Brinn said it would be fine -- and it was!

Mr. Oscar -- Technique Class

Miss Liza -- Repertoire Class

Miss Debby -- Ear Training

Mrs Keddington -- Master Class

Miss Christina -- Music & Movement

Miss Sarah -- Master Class

I am so grateful that Mom was able to be there with us, and that she was able to go to classes with us.  Lynnie had 2 classes and Ellie had 4, and both of Lynnie's classes overlapped with Ellie's. 

After the final morning on Saturday, we decided to celebrate by taking Aunt Amy to Saturday's Warrior.  Grandma and Aunt Bobi came, too.

"What is Aunt Amy doing?"

"Mom, look!  Aunt Amy has her arm up.  Isn't that silly?" 

After the movie, we went with Grandma and Amy to The Pizza Factory for dinner (Bobi had to hurry home for something or other).  Lynnie made her cheese pizza into broccoli pizza, and taught Cece how to show off the food in her mouth.

Cece thought that was pretty hilarious.

What a wonderful week!  We came away inspired to practice more, listen to our CD more, and be more "bought in" to the Suzuki process.  The girls both learned many things and we are already looking forward to next year.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

June 17 - 19

Nothing beats a fun Friday afternoon playing with water and friends in the backyard.  I set up our little party to start during Cece's nap, because I wasn't sure how she would do with the pools.  I carried around the baby monitor listening for Cece to wake up

The "big" girls:
Hannah, Rachel, Ellie, Ally, Hope, and Mia

Mia, Paisley, and Lynnie

Eli was a good sport about being the only boy.  He didn't want to be in any of the pictures, but I snuck this one anyway.

When Cece woke up, she took a few minutes to get acclimated, but then she loved it.

Lynnie wanted to try crocheting like me, but I thought it would be easier to have her try knitting on the loom first.  She worked hard at it off and on all day long.

For Family Fun Day, we stopped by Cabela's to see the fish.  Cece held up her baby doll to see, but by the time I thought to pull out the phone for a picture, she was done and could not be persuaded to repeat the action.

Ellie tried a pork taco instead of a cheese quesadilla and loved it.  Cece had to eat her rice with two spoons.

I was able to weed just fine on Saturday morning with Greg for a few hours.  Until I battled the raspberry bushes and they fought back.  I think they even won.  This picture really does not do justice to the amazingly red and puffy scratches I had all over both arms.

Happy Father's Day!  Greg showed up around 7:30 in the morning, with no more meetings for the rest of the day -- a true rarity!  He said it would be a treat to make a big breakfast and sent me off to have a leisurely shower.  I told him he couldn't make his own breakfast on Father's Day but he kind of shooed me off.  Pretty lucky for me!

He hung out with Cece and I in nursery, which is always a treat.

 Lynlee filled out this cute questionnaire with her Primary class.

Daddy's name is Dad
Daddy is 44 years old
His hair is gray and his eyes are blue
Daddy's favorite food is Steak
Daddy's favorite color is Blue
Daddy likes to wears shirt
Daddy's job is Work
Daddy likes to go to Church
He's smart because he knows He Prays
Daddy works hard at Work
Daddy always tells me He Loves me
I am happy when Daddy {?} Stories
I love Daddy because he helps me find my scriptures

She even made one for me!

After Sacrament Meeting, Lynlee needed a potty break.  I took Cece with us into one of the single room bathrooms.  Lynnie was taking a little while working things out, and Cece was washing her hands.  After a few minutes, Cece started to just make a mess, so I told her she was all done, turned off the water, and helped her dry her hands.  Then she looked at me, all mad, and threw her implant on the tile floor.

And totally broke it.

The coil separated from the processor, exposing the wires.

I sat her down on the floor for a time out and she was screaming.  Greg stuck his head in to see what was going on.  Cece looked at him, then looked at me, and signed HAPPY.  I'm not sure if she was saying that she was happy (a sign she can come out of time out -- when she's all done crying) or if she wanted us to be happy (because she could tell we were upset she broke her implant).  Either way, it was pretty funny.

Good thing the implant is under warranty.

Cece and I ran home to get her back-up processor while Greg took the big girls to Primary.  Because of our delay, Ellie missed giving the opening prayer.  Oops.

This is what a Sunday afternoon should look like!  I texted this picture to {R} and she sent the sweetest message back to Greg on his phone.


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