Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 20 - 28

I love spontaneity like this when it works out.  {R} texted me in the morning and said she had the day off of work (Presidents' Day) and could she take Cece on a date?  OF COURSE!  They had a great few hours together, and I loved the pictures {R} sent of their adventures.

{R} bought Cece this great purse and some awesome heart sunglasses.

Cece had to take that purse with her every where, including dance class later that day.

Ellie needed to have a {T} fix, so we arranged to meet her at her daughter's gymnastics class.  These sisters sure are sweet together.  Ellie loves that she is the oldest sister in our family and in {T}'s family.

Still rocking her glasses, right before bedtime.

Field tripping with Ellie's class was a delight!  We went to see "Alice in Wonderland" at the SCERA and it was very well done.

Saturday was one of those days that was packed to the brim with fun activities.  Lynlee, Cece, and I took in the Dinosaur Museum.

Meanwhile, Ellie was with Greg and Tammy in Twin Falls, as they had a tournament to referee.  She did awesome with the 9 hours of driving (round-trip) and 6 hours of games to watch.  Tammy sent me lots of great pictures.

During Cece's nap, I worked on a doll for Ellie.  It looked pretty strange only halfway done.

Albert and Kanisha took Lynlee to her cousin's birthday party at Classic Skating.  It was the first time Lynlee had been roller skating and she loved it!

They were super nice and rented one of these white things for her.

Cece has been going to school for a month now, and we have the routine down.  Her bus pick-up and drop-off times are fairly consistent, within a couple of minutes.  That has been nice to know what to expect.  Usually we get Cece on the bus and then Greg takes the big girls to school and goes on to work.  This particular morning, the bus wasn't coming, and wasn't coming, and wasn't coming.  Greg took the girls to school and came back home.  I finally texted the bus driver after Greg had gone and she was 15 minutes late.  And woke Kena up.  She felt terrible at not waking up, but it was no big deal.  Things happen!  Greg offered to drive Cece to school, which was fun for him because he hadn't seen her classroom or met her teacher yet.  Cece loved driving in Daddy's truck.

Last time we were at Hobby Lobby, the girls talked me into buying them fancy brads.  Lots of fun projects using them are floating around the house.

Monday, February 27, 2017


This thought.  This is the reason right here why I still blog, even though it is starting to go by the wayside.  Every time I reevaluate where to spend my time documenting our lives, I come back to blogging and make a push to catch up.  Because, this:

"I’m big into documenting life.  I’m driven to make the present stick inside of me.  Not sure if it’s the (very real) worry of forgetting that’s driving this or just that it’s been a part of my value system for so long.  But I do believe there is power in keeping records.  Records help us to create our narrative.  To tell ourselves a story about our lives.  To give what we’re doing meaning.  And there is something in the act of documentation that helps me to cherish and savor the present a little more.  In the recording I feel like I live more fully." ~Saydi Shumway

Thursday, February 23, 2017

iPad Pictures

Here are the random iPad pictures from the past year.  It's kind of a fun time capsule to pull these off, since we take so few pictures there.

 Lynnie wanted to be Padme, complete with curled hair.

Just a slow morning.  Some details:  bags for DI waiting to be dropped off (as we continue to purge and declutter), crochet kits on the bedside table, Cece eating contraband pretzels in bed, Lynnie sleeping.  I was probably taking a shower or something.

Someone was proud of the zipline they created for their dolls and took a picture.

A delicious breakfast, yogurt and grapes.  There was a short period where Cece would let me put headbands on her.  I liked it because it kept her implant on better.  I thought we had found a perfect solution, but then she refused to wear the headbands any more.

We printed off some Harry Potter figures, and Lynlee made them into puppets, and then put on a great puppet show.

Field day at RA.  Someone (maybe Shannon?) texted me this picture.

Summer Kindermusik class.  And yes, Lynlee is wearing a Christmas dress in July.

Rat a tat tat. Rat a tat tat.
Building a circus tent is super fun!

Ooh, camping is also fun when the campfire is a flashlight and lanterns.

Jessica made these phone holders for us and they are amazing!  They get used practically every day -- an evidence of how often my phone is being used by someone.

Cute Play Doh creation

Lynlee has become obsessed with the Photo Booth app on the iPad.  She has taken hundreds of pictures over the past couple of weeks.  Here are my favorites.
February 2017

I thought I was being very clever in signing up for the Book Fair when all of the girls were in school.  I forgot that it was early out days, and Lynlee was out right as I was starting my shifts.  She got to spend five and a half hours with me over two days at the Book Fair.  She did awesome the first day, but the second day was not as exciting.  Luckily, we thought to have her entertain herself taking pictures.  That kept her busy for over an hour.

Cece always likes to play along.

Check out that loose tooth in the top right corner, and the lost tooth in the middle on right.

Monday, February 20, 2017

February 12 - 20

Cutest cowgirl I've ever seen!

Ellie loves her dolls.  She has amassed quite a collection of dolls and accessories over the past few years.  We decided to dedicate a whole section of the playroom to her dolls, and she created this "nursery" out of the train table.  It was a fun project for a few hours to clean and organize all of her treasures.

When I used to teach piano, I used these white boards all the time.  They have been stored behind the piano, and one of the girls found them and dragged them out.  It has led to hours of play time and drawing, and it is awesome.

Those are some awesome prices, especially for the drinks.

Lynlee's tooth is super wiggly.

Cece doesn't go to preschool on Mondays, and instead we meet with our deaf mentor, Ariana, in the morning, and then go to meet with Cece's preschool teacher for therapy/parent conference/IEP/whatever is needed in the afternoon.  Ariana is amazing.  She comes (almost) every week for an hour and teaches Cece and I sign language.  Sometimes we have formal lessons, with flashcards or pages of notes. Sometimes we play games.  And sometimes, Ariana brings an activity.  She spoiled us with cookie dough and cool cookie cutters for a Valentine's Day activity.  It is fun to practice vocabulary in a more natural setting, like cooking.

  Cute girls hanging out in their sleeping bags.

So much fun to help with Valentine's Day parties at school, and to capture this sweetness on the way out.

Trying to get some "love photos" to send to {R} and this is all Cece would do for me!

We met Greg for an early dinner before he went to his basketball game.  It was hard to get the girls to focus on taking a picture, they were so excited about our day of celebrations!

Love this picture by Lynlee.  She drew a bear, Num Num (her rabbit that Ellie gave her for Christmas), a turtle, Puppy, a tooth, and a BFF heart.

Ellie finally completed 10,000 down bow plate circles.  She got a treat at group lesson for turning in her plate.

 Cece has discovered a new game at violin, crawling under the line of chairs.

Looking all fancy in her new outfit from Kanisha.

Lynlee got to help me at the Book Fair.  She did great the first day, but the second day dragged a little for her.  She entertained herself for about 45 minutes taking pictures of Princess, her dog, with various items around the Fair.  These are my favorites.

More happy news from school.

Cece drew this and signed ELEPHANT.

Lynlee lost her first tooth!

Paint makes great nail polish.

In heaven because Lynlee let her wear the dolphin earrings.


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